5 Compelling Reasons to Choose a Digital Language Lab

The latest development in education has been due to advanced developments in Information Technology. With the help of brand-new IT software and tools, education has never been easier. One of these tools is a digital language lab. A digital language lab is a set of computers that have language software installed, which helps the teachers teachlanguage to the students. Here are five compelling reasons to choose a digital language lab over traditional classroom language teaching:

  1. Latest Technology:

All digital language labs use the latest technological and educational advancements to teach the students. These software have implemented all the research that has been done to make teaching and learning language easy. Companies like Robotel release regular software patches to keep their software up to date with the latest technology standards.

  1. Easy Teaching:

Teachers don’t have to strain their throats while teaching a class of 100. They can record their presentation sessions on the software and all the students can play the recording on their systems. They can even replay these recordings in case they don’t understand, so the teacher doesn’t have to do that either.

  1. Easy Learning:

Students have a microphone and a monitor setup. They don’t need to keep an eye on the projector, which is difficult for people sitting in the back, and they can clearly hear the audio as well due to the headphones. In case they have doubts, they just need to raise a query and the teacher responds from the dashboard. The entire setup is really easy and no one else is disturbed or troubled by any other student or teacher.

  1. Better Practice:

Speaking is one of the most important parts of learning a language and in traditional classroom teaching this part is least touched. With the help of a digital language lab, students can learn speaking as well. They can listen using the headphones and repeat what they heard using the microphones. The software judges whether the spoken language is correct and marks accordingly.

  1. Easy Evaluation:

Earlier, teachers had to check loads of papers one by one. Now, with the help of a digital language lab, the software checks all the evaluations and displays the result to the students as well as teachers. No human interference is necessary.

All these reasons clearly show that having a digital language lab is highly beneficial for an institution. Therefore, setup one for your institution as well.

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