Choosing the Best Officer of the Watch Training School


The truth is, there are several Officer of the Watch training schools out there. And it can be tough to know the best one to choose if you’re just starting off your career, advancing, or updating your course.

Besides helping and giving you advice on matters OOW, other things to look out for when choosing an OOW training school include:

  1. Professional instructor

Learning about the maritime industry, specifically the Officer of the Watch course, without a well-versed instructor is a waste of time. That is because such people have no transferable skills or knowledge and will not guide you in the best way.

The best Officer of the Watch trainer has all the relevant knowledge and has been in the maritime industry for a significant amount of time. You also want to choose an instructor who has real-world experience of working on yachts. Remember, the more years in the industry, the better their services.

Whether you need your modules to get ticked off, passing your oral exams, get your Notice of Eligibility (NOE), or getting your Certificate of Competency (COC), the right instructor will guide you.

With their impressive CV, you will get specialized training, first-hand knowledge, and some real-life stories to keep you motivated and intrigued.

  1. Courses

When choosing an Officer of the Watch training school, you want to consider the Officer of the Watch courses in the UK offered. The best one will teach from a real-world experience and practical point of view. And will not solely rely on theories, stories, and old power points.

The best training school has its course designed to cover the entire syllabus and avails its students with textbooks with all the critical phases and requirements for all the covered topics. That allows students to make comprehensive notes, which are essential for revision up to the exam date.

Throughout the course, the training school should allow the students to access a comprehensive RBMT library of charts, publications, and navigational instruments to use and reference. They should also prepare individual mock exams to assess the knowledge level of the students. And identify the areas that need more emphasis.

The training school should also incorporate some training cards to help with better studying. They should be double-sided to include questions and answers based on the MCA MSN 1858 OOW Yacht <3,000 GT syllabus.

  1. Tuition

We all know how it can be challenging to grasp everything in class. And that is why you should choose an OOW training school that offers tuition.

The best training school offers one-on-one tuition to all its students. And has its sessions tailored to the precise requirements of each student. Students can choose to have their skype training sessions before their GSK exam or before re-sitting a Nav and Radar.

Also, be keen to read the reviews of the training school and the instructor to get more insights about them.

Final thoughts

If you’re searching for a unique and fun career that will allow you to make money and travel, the maritime industry is for you! Choosing the best Officer of the Watch training school will not only accelerate your dream. But help you become an expert in this field.

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