Educating: Purpose Versus Pretense

The craft of your practice might be grossly misinterpreted, or possibly misrepresented, by specific interests who’ve formulated, a now broadly recognized premise, that education serves the primary reason for supplying for future employment. However, being an educator, my contention is the fact that employment may just be considered a by-product of accomplishing instruction, although not the motivational impetus that drives our craft. Possibly, a far more Jeffersonian approach towards our great and historic institution of public education would be that the true reason for it’s to produce and also to promote social engineers of positive societal change and the opportunity to practice advanced citizenship.

“An informed citizenry is a crucial requisite for the [American] survival like a free people.” – Thomas Jefferson

Just like doctors and lawyers pursue their medical and legal learning the broadly recognized assumption regarding assist their sufferers and clients – noble causes – so if it is introduced to origin that education is driven through the ideal of making active and efficient citizens who within the finish may navigate society and communities toward collective success. It ought to be not a secret that finding employment has always had less related to that which you know, and much more honestly to complete simply with whom you know. Regrettably, merit the truth is has already established not as much impact on the everyday labor worker’s advancement as has subtly been recommended. We have to return to and also to our original academic path and purpose: creating excellent citizens.

MYTH: “… education serves the objective of supplying for future employment.”

Because the 1980’s, after publication of the Nation In Danger, our great American System of Public Education continues to be within smudged microscopic lens giving rise to sweeping generalizations, claims and accusations of nationwide systemic failure, declines in service quality, and isolated concentrate on misconduct: fear mongering. However, I beg the issue: Was educational quality in general, a good charge? Or, is/could it have been better to question our distribution of educational quality? And, could it be fair or accurate to check our nation’s students and system with other foreign nations controlled by different values, beliefs, laws and regulations, customs, and social and economic structures? I let out a convincing, “No!” We can’t be when compared with other nations who still:

Track students based on social and economic class

Justify corporal punishment within the classroom

Produce and manufacture, ( in a mind numbing pace), because of getting no ecological protections who don’t value or deal with diversity

Implement questionable techniques to assess student progress for nationalistic posturing

But, there’s “light in the finish from the tunnel.” When we entertain a liberal, open, and various dialogue from inside, and refocus on the historic values, advancements, and achievements only then do we can reclaim the victories already won, learned, and absorbed. We are able to push our craft forward and therefore start again inside a collective, instead of divisive, movement to some critically thinking, problem-solving society.

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