Explore Career Paths in The Australian Cosmetics Industry

Have you always loved perusing the shiny makeup counters filled with beautiful products? For makeup lovers it’s our equivalent of a kid in a candy store. This is where our first foray into makeup starts. Where you spent hours painstakingly trying to decide which eyeshadow palette was going to be the best one to impress everyone at the school dance (the insanely bright coloured one, obviously). Or where you tried every lipstick tester on your hand to try and find the perfect one walking out looking like a candy cane of lipstick stripes. Would you love to be one of those magical people who helped you pick out your first foundation? A Certificate II in Retail Cosmetics online can take you there.

With a Retail Cosmetics online course you will learn so much more than just how to sell a product. Selling the product is only part of what it takes to work in the Retail Cosmetics industry. With a certification you can feel confident advising customers on the best products for their specific needs. You will learn how to analyse face shapes and facial features so you can understand how to best accentuate people’s individual assets. You will be taught how to analyse a person’s skin type and tone so you can suggest the perfect product for their skin needs, as well as a makeup application to help your customers achieve their beauty goals when they step in store.

Other important skills you will learn from a Retail Cosmetics course include how to work and communicate as part of a team, a skill that can be applied in any industry; how to communicate with customers; how to apply safe hygiene, health and work practices to ensure both you and your customers feel safe and confident during a consultation; how to produce visual merchandise displays and how to participate in environmentally friendly and sustainable work practices; social media tools to help with collaboration and engagement for you and your workplace which will make you an asset to any company.

Working as part of the Retail Cosmetics industry with your nationally recognised qualification can open up a lot of exciting opportunities for you. There are plenty of opportunities to work abroad or to improve skills within a company. Often companies will offer personal development programs within the industry to keep you up to date with current brands, products and techniques that allow you to grow as an employee and as an individual. So why not start today? With a Certificate II in Retail Cosmetics online the world is full of options for you!

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