How to Become an Educational Assistant

The educational assistant is a supervisor who monitors students in a college or high school. They can also intervene with students with disabilities. You can enroll for the Education Assistant Course offered at ABM College to become an expert in this field.

Discover everything there is to know about the profession of an educational assistant.

What is the Job of an Educational Assistant?

The educational assistant carries out his duties with primary schools, colleges, high schools or boarding schools, and an educational team including the Principal Education Advisor.

As a school supervisor, they must ensure compliance with the internal regulations of the establishment, the attendance of the pupils by contacting the parents in the event of unjustified absences, and ensuring their safety.

In case of delay, for example, the student will have to move on to school life and justify his delay to the educational assistant. The educational assistant must have an eye to detect any behavior problems of the pupils to send the information back to the senior principal.

He can also assist students with learning difficulties by helping them with their homework and trying to find solutions with his teaching team. Therefore, he will have to like working in a team but also have patience and a good sense of contact.

Other missions can be transmitted to the educational assistant, such as surveillance during recess, detention hours, and in the canteen, by determining access to the establishment and its various premises. He can also be called upon during educational outings as a guide.

It is true that students most often occupy the educational assistant position, some part-time, others full-time. In high schools with a boarding school, educational assistants can work nights, which gives them more time to devote to their studies.

The Duties of an Educational Assistant

The main missions of the educational assistant are the supervision and safety of the students. Apart from that, various tasks are entrusted to him:

  • Control the entrances and exits of the establishment.
  • Supervise the students.
  • Ensure the hours of permanence and possibly a role of help with homework.
  • Carry out service rounds, checking the state of the premises, and ensuring that no student is hanging around in the corridors.
  • Make sure that students follow the school rules.
  • Perform administrative tasks by controlling absences and lateness.
  • Provide telephone reception.
  • Have a mastery of computer tools.

Qualities of an Educational Assistant

This job requires a good knowledge of the establishment’s internal regulations, but it also requires the following qualities:

  • Have a good sense of listening and observation.
  • Be very organized.
  • Be benevolent while showing firmness.
  • Be a good teacher.
  • Possess knowledge of the laws relating to the field of education.

What is the Average Salary of an Educational Assistant?

The average salary of an educational assistant ranges from $20,000 to $45,000 per year, depending on the experience level.

What are the Possible Developments?

The position of educational assistant does not present any professional development. However, it allows you to prepare for competitions or to follow distance learning. The actual working time can be reduced without reducing the remuneration if the training credit is granted.

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