How to protect your child from getting Covid 19?

Covid 19 is a very dangerous virus for everyone, but the elderly and kids are particularly vulnerable. These two age categories need to be protected as much as we can, and with the right approach we will be able to do so. That being said, it all comes down to finding the right ways to keep kids safe, such as home tuition services and ways to keep them inside.

Teach your child about proper hygiene

Simple things like washing hands often can be a very good idea. Kids can make a routine out of it, and this routine will keep them safe. On top of that, you want to encourage kids to not put toys on their face or anything like that. It might not seem like a lot, but it can end up being very problematic if your kid doesn’t follow the proper hygiene measures at this time.

Opt for online tuition

It’s imperative to keep your child inside and not send him to school (most schools are closed anyway). Once you go for safe tuition in the online world, things will be better. Your kid will work closely with an online tutor from the tuition agency and stay on track with his studies. That’s great, especially since it keeps your child occupied for hours and hours.

Go for some indoor activity breaks

Your child needs some breaks in order to stay healthy and sane. Dancing or stretching breaks can be very helpful, and they will bring in front interesting results. Yes, it takes a bit of getting used to, but the results are great and that’s exactly what you need to pursue in a situation like this. You can also encourage your child to play in front of the yard or in outdoor locations that you can control and where there are no other people.

Enforce social distancing

It’s fun for a kid to play with others, but nowadays it can be very dangerous. Encourage your child to wear a facemask when interacting with other kids and while playing with them. That being said, enforcing social distancing and explaining to your child why is that so important can really make a huge difference.

Help your child cope with stress

Staying inside is not that easy and it can end up being extremely difficult. That can also lead to stress, which is what you want to stay away from. Thankfully, finding indoor activities or just taking your child outside (with the right precautions) can make a huge difference.


We recommend you to use all these tips if you want to keep your child away from Covid 19. Yes, there can be major challenges that arise, but if you use them wisely the results can be extremely impressive. Of course there are tricky moments that can appear, yet what really matters is to help your child protect himself/herself from this unwanted virus. Use the tips listed above and teach your child how to stay safe, then the potential exposure will be diminished!

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