LSRW – How Important is it to Improve Your Speaking and Writing Skills

Como estás? Estoy bien.

Comment vas-tu? Je vais bien.

Aap kaise hain? Main theek hoon.

How are you? I am fine.

No matter which country you belong to and what language you speak, you always begin a conversation with your friends, relatives, colleagues and close acquaintances by asking them how they are doing. Human beings use language as a medium of communication to convey to others what they feel and think. It is with the help of language that all great ideas, thoughts and emotions are expressed to each other.

The English language is one of the most spoken languages of the world. English has become the common medium of instruction in the educational system and the common medium of communication at the workplace. With the kind of importance that the English language is given, it is vital that individuals, all around the world, master the four skills of communication, especially the speaking and writing skills.

It is mostly through speaking that individuals communicate their requirements to their fellow classmates and colleagues at their respective schools, colleges and workplaces. There are often multiple opportunities given to students especially to voice out their ideas. Many activities like group discussions, elocution competitions, debates, etc. are conducted to get students to step into the limelight and to get them to speak in front of a public gathering. All these activities are done with the motive of preparing the students for their future. Check out English speech topics to practice and master the art of speaking.

Writing is also an equally important skill that every individual has to develop. Our education system gives a lot of priority to improving the writing skill more than listening, speaking or reading skills. Examinations are one main proof that what you write is what counts. There is a lot of practice given for years to improve the writing skills. Letter writing, article writing, narrative writing, descriptive writing, report writing, etc. are different ways of writing techniques used to exercise the habit of writing for a variety of scenarios. Among all these, writing letters is one of the most fundamental writing skills that individuals use throughout their life, irrespective of the kind of job or the age of the individual. As individuals will have to write letters for various purposes, it is important to learn it right. To start with, why not try to write an informal letter to your dearest friend or a close family member? Go through informal letter format to know more about informal letter writing.

Be it the English language or any other language, learning to write and speak the language is the most indispensable objective of language learning. The only way to do it is through constant practice. When you know what exactly to say and the right words to write, you will feel a lot more confident than you ever thought you could be. There is no time to waste. Start learning today.

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