Some Of The Differences Between International Schools In Bangkok

When you are searching for an excellent school in Bangkok for your children, you will notice plenty of available options. You can choose to send your children to one of the many different international schools, but you may wonder what the differences are between them. Below are some of the common differences between the various schools you will notice that can help you decide what you want for your children and help you to find the most suitable school.

The Difference In Fees

One of the most significant differences between the various international schools is the fees they charge. If you are looking for an American international school, Bangkok fees will be considerably more than at other locations in the country, even if the same people run the school. The differences in school fees for international schools can be significant, so you should consider how much you can afford to spend before looking at the different schooling options available.

The Curriculums On Offer

You will also notice that the curriculums available on offer from the many schools are also different. You can find many different curriculums available, depending on what your preference is for your children. Some of the most popular curriculums in Thailand include:

  • American Curriculum
  • British Curriculum
  • Australian Curriculum
  • Chinese Curriculum
  • International Curriculum
  • German Curriculum
  • Swiss Curriculum
  • French Curriculum

There are only a few of the different available ones, but there are plenty more available. Consider which curriculum you want for your children, and you can then search for a relevant school that offers it.

Class Sizes

Another difference between all the international schools you are considering will be the class sizes. The more popular an international school is, the bigger the classes it will have. Having too few students in a class can be just as bad as having too many, so ideally, you will want a school with between 15 and 30 students per class.

The Facilities

The available facilities can also be a significant difference between schools. Space is at a premium in Bangkok, so many schools cannot afford to expand and include everything they want for their students. Some schools have much better facilities than others, so when looking at international schools, you will want to ensure you tour the campus of any that you are considering.

There are other differences between the schools, but the above is some of the most significant ones. You can find out plenty more about the international schools in Thailand and what they offer by clicking here.

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