Study abroad after the college entrance examination

The results of the college entrance examination results are a few happy ones. When it comes to the college entrance examination, many people will call it a turning point in life. But as the times continue to advance, the college entrance examination is no longer the only option to improve academics. More and more parents have already set their sights farther and choose to let their children go abroad to complete their undergraduate studies. The United States has become the first choice. There are many things that need to be paid attention to when studying in the United States. The most important thing is the issue of legal status. In recent years, l1 visas (also known as l1签证) and h1b visas have been favored by more and more people. However, due to the tightening of policies, applications are getting more and more difficult. You can choose the more professional goh1b to help the application, the success rate will be higher.

First of all, no matter which country you choose, students need to pass the language. For students whose language is not yet fully prepared, they can make good use of the full-time language learning time in the summer vacation time for language preparation, which may be in English or a small language. For students whose language is already well prepared, they can use the summer vacation time to do summer camps or participate in summer schools to get an initial understanding of foreign institutions. For some countries with special requirements, for example, some high-ranking colleges in the United States must provide SAT scores, or students need to have a soft background, students can make arrangements according to their own circumstances.

You can also choose to enter the community college first, then transfer to a school from the American community college (also known as 美国社区大学转学) and major that suits you better. In life, in the United States does not want to be the same in the country, mobile payment has become the mainstream, the US credit card (also known as 美国信用卡) is very necessary, but still need to know in advance.

Studying after the college entrance examination is definitely a good time. To apply for a foreign university, many universities only need to refer to the high school three-year (six semester) grades, generally do not need college entrance examination scores; some universities in the country recognize the domestic college entrance examination scores, with the college entrance examination scores can directly apply to foreign universities; Students who are not able to take the IELTS/TOEFL can apply for a double admission or preparatory course at a foreign university, so that they can successfully enroll in a foreign university in September.

Of course, if you have an immigration plan, you need to plan ahead, because the preparation process is cumbersome and takes a long time. It is still safe for professional lawyers. Many people choose goh1b. Goh1b has a professional team and super high. Service level is very popular among international students. So what about goh1b (also known as goh1b怎么样)? There is basically no bad comment about it on the Internet. The favorable rate is very high and it has a high reputation in the industry.

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