We are in an era of economic uncertainties, and job unemployment increases each day. There you are, you have graduated from an architecture school, and you are just wondering where to begin. Looking for a job right after school can be challenging since many companies always look for experienced people, especially the construction and architectural firms. However, every cloud has a silver lining. When you pick up some tips here and there from people who have been in the industry and already know what it takes to be there, you will be in a better position to move forward. Here are tricks to help you get that architecture job you always wanted.

Build your resume and portfolio

You have to begin with the basics. Create a good resume and spend your free time sending it to building firms and companies such as the  TTG Atlanta company insights and jobs. Look for advertisements everywhere and send out your CV. Organize your projects and create a good presentation of what you have done so far, whether architectural or anything related. Generally, prepare to look for new opportunities.

Be realistic

Do not be over-confident with your expectations. Remember that the most successful architects didn’t just walk out of the graduation parlor and got hired immediately. They started from the ground and grew gradually. Present yourself in a realistic manner-as, a graduate with minimal professional work but with a lot of innovative ideas and technical expertise in architecture. Start by looking at your local areas and not despair if you don’t get the job. That small architectural firm will help you gain the experience you need to work for a more prominent firm even if the pay is little. Even part-time architectural jobs will help you learn more.

Personal contact is better.

Instead of sitting behind the computer bombarding employers with job application emails and calls, please make a point of seeing them in person. Make a favorable impression with your communication skills and motivation. Get out and seek your dreams. You may be lucky to get an emotional job offer, or the employer may hire you simply because you have a sense of humor in the way you communicate. So, try as much as you can to speak with the person who holds power to hire you.

Research beforehand

When you are interested in getting a job at a particular architectural firm, research the company beforehand. It will help you understand what kind of person they are looking for in their candidates, their specialty, and the field of work. You can also try to speak with people who work there to learn about their values and how they operate. That way, you will decide if you are the right candidate for the job and if it meets your expectations and ideals. Even as you apply, you can demonstrate that you are the person they need and understand their work.

Network more

You may have the best CV, but you may not be able to get that job without the right acquaintances. The secret is in networking more. Join architecture communities, volunteer your services, interact with other engineers, ask questions, start conversations, and you may meet employers who may want to consider hiring you sooner or later.

Believe in yourself

Lastly, be confident. You have the education and experience it takes to do that job; believe in yourself. Be proud of the endless designs you have created, be confident, and you will get that job.

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