University of Phoenix Partnership Provides Support During a New Era of Virtual Learning

As many government programs and private institutions struggled to plan for the end of the 2020 school year, University of Phoenix pulled together its resources for more far-reaching plans. University of Phoenix anticipated that pandemic-related closures would extend into the 2020–2021 school year while most organizations focused on the short-term effects and hoped for a quick resolution. The university worked with industry experts to create robust solutions to help educators who were not prepared to use online education methods. The result of this collaboration was a partnership in the form of the Alliance for Virtual Learning.

University of Phoenix spearheaded the Alliance for Virtual Learning along with Blackboard, the educational technology company. These two organizations brought together industry experts and educators to create resources for schools struggling with their first online schooling experience. The Alliance for Virtual Learning created a blueprint enabling those involved with K-12 education to approach the 2020–21 school year with greater confidence.

The Virtual Teaching Academy, the first offering from the Alliance for Virtual Learning, remains a valuable resource that teachers, educators, and administrators leverage for virtual learning curriculum planning and learning how to create a comfortable, effective online teaching environment for the long term. The recordings of the Virtual Teaching Academy can be found here:

University of Phoenix was uniquely poised to lead this charge due to its experience providing primarily online education for the last two decades. In addition to prioritizing online education, University of Phoenix has also offered classes in many U.S. locations to successfully create blended learning programs. The university leveraged its expertise when partnering with Blackboard to create both the Alliance for Virtual Learning and the Virtual Teaching Academy.

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