University Students – We Would Like You Economically Enslaved or We’ll Arrest You!

It’s interesting that whenever the school students protested from the 1% wealthy Wall Street bankers, and required the 1% pay more in taxes than everybody else to assist spend the money for 99% the college professors and also the universities themselves permitted individuals protest to carry on.

Actually they visited bat for that students for voicing their concerns, and taking part in the things they believe to become democracy of those – but, once the students made the decision to protest educational costs costs here in California that are rising 8% each year for the following 3 years, in regards to a similar rate of growth to China’s GDP, or our healthcare costs within this country, then students immediately got arrested.

Should you can remember the occupy protests continued for any good month before anybody made the decision to complete anything about this. So, I suppose it’s okay using the university students protest, as lengthy because it is not against academia itself. Would you sense just a little hypocrisy here, since i definitely? It’s amazing these socialist propagandists that have brainwashed and pressure-given in to the minds in our students, but the people of academia, won’t allow critique that belongs to them.

There is a frightening article in Reuters entitled “Dozens arrested protesting education cuts in California,” by Greg Lucas on March 6, 2012. The content mentioned

“A large number of protesters angry over fee hikes and budget cuts at California’s public universities were arrested in the condition Capitol building. Countless students yet others marched around the statehouse and rallied outdoors the Capitol before most of the activists moved the demonstration within the building, clogging hallways around the rotunda. One group chanted, “No cuts, no charges. Education should be free,” because they sitting entered-legged around the black-and-white-colored tiled floor from the statehouse.”

Not again, they clogged the hallways round the grandiose rotunda, oh whim, not too beautiful rotunda now? It appears in my experience that academia is ok with selling $225 textbooks to students, which essentially is managing a small monopoly, simply because they can – when they constantly raise tuition costs to cover the professors’ pension fund and all sorts of individuals legacy costs. Actually academia even had the balls to inquire about the Federal Government for any waiver so that they wouldn’t need to pay healthcare costs once they hire students to complete jobs round the campus.

I suppose that they like a budget slave labor, and they don’t mind many of these students entering debt for thousands and thousands of dollars in student education loans to allow them to be economically enslaved in to the workforce. And when they protest they insert them in jail. It’s too funny really, and I’d be laughing, when the hypocrisy wasn’t so serious. Please consider all of this and think onto it.

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