Why you should keep away from plagiarism in high school?

Why is it essential to avoid plagiarism?

High school students often take the easy route of copying content from online sources to complete academic tasks. The propensity of stealing credit for someone’s work is not new. However, due to the unbound access to online sources and multiple essay mills, students rely more on outside information.

There is no rule against consulting online sources for academic work, but stealing intellectual property is not a pardonable offense. Copying downloaded information or purchasing essays contributes to the habit of using other people’s work to finish academic projects.

What leadings to the creation of plagiarized content?

Besides, the sluggish attitude of some students, the lack of awareness regarding the forms of plagiarism among pupils leads to plagiarism in terms of papers. It is prudent to avoid plagiarism to ensure that the academic path is not fraught with lawsuits for copyright infringement cases.

Knowing the grave consequences of committing plagiarism

Students need to be aware of what falls under the category of common knowledge. There is no need to cite information that is common knowledge. But confusing references with common understanding is a problematic issue. Plagiarism can be curbed when high school students are well-instructed about plagiarism and its consequences. Academic instructors provide vital points to detect plagiarism. Students can note those points while checking for plagiarism in their papers.

Things students should keep in mind when checking for plagiarism in research papers are enlisted below-

  • Know the plagiarism policy of the educational institute:

Academic institutions have their set of rules regarding plagiarism. Most institutes allow a certain percentage of plagiarism in a paper. However, if the portion of copied words represents a single paragraph, then the document is considered to be plagiarized.

Students have to know the details of the institute’s plagiarism policy in detail to avoid last-minute problems.

  • Combat the fear of being unsuccessful:

It is essential to understand that plagiarism is stealing, so no amount of fear should propel a person to steal content from others. Resorting to plagiarism, inadvertently, increases the fear of submitting a poor dissertation.

Students need to build confidence. Supervisors and professors have to help students who are finding it challenging to keep up with the course.

  • Plan a strict schedule:

A timely schedule helps in focusing on the task and completing it without committing plagiarism.

  • Enlist all essential sources:

The reference texts used for the academic paper has to be noted. All quotes and paraphrased sections must contain notes regarding the source text.

  • Quote and cite simultaneously:

Citing the source while enclosing copied text within quotation marks is a good practice as it helps avoid errors that can cause plagiarism in a paper.

  • Check papers with high-quality plagiarism software:

It is wise to scan the completed dissertation with an authentic plagiarism checker. Online plagiarism checkers are available to conduct a thorough plagiarism scan of the uploaded text.


For avoiding plagiarism in high school, thorough knowledge about the types of plagiarism is essential. To ensure that the term paper is plagiarism-free, scanning the dissertation with a plagiarism checker is a sensible decision.

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